Saturday, 6 August 2016

A reflection from Miss Denis -Holy Land Pilgrimage

While the students and teachers travelled to Italy prior to World Youth Day in Krak贸w, my pilgrimage took me to the Holy Land. 

It's one thing to learn about Jesus' life and mission but to see it with your own eyes is indescribable. My pilgrimage group were blessed to touch Jesus' birthplace in Bethlehem, sail on the Sea of Galilee, visit the places he performed his miracles and trace the steps where he carried his cross. 

The Holy Land truly is a beautiful place, loyal to its history and multi-faith culture. Witnessing the foundations of the Catholic tradition has spurred on my personal faith. 

Miss Denis

city of Jerusalem from Mt. Olives
Jesus' very birthplace. Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem
sailing on the Sea of Galilee
Church of the Annunciation, Nazareth

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Breathtaking Zakopane -WYD Retreat

The pilgrims were so very fortunate to visit Zakopane for their post-WYD retreat. This breathtaking region of southern Poland was where Saint JPII himself came for retreats. The few days spent here have served to strengthen relationships with God, self and others and the pilgrims have been challenged to think how they will become a changed person and share their wonderful experiences with their communities.


More pics and reflections from the WYD week in Krakow

World Youth Day week was inspiring and an amazing experience. Seeing people all over the world with the same faith was empowering - Nicola Jobberns 

Meeting new people from all around the world celebrating our faith was a rewarding experience. My faith was strengthened through the words of Pope Francis as he has inspired me to make a difference in the world by helping the sick and needy as well as encouraged me to attend church more often - Alyssa Mowlam

The most enjoyable, rewarding and worth-while part of WYD has been the parts where people have banded together and been united — whether that be yelling out chants and cheers together or being silent in prayer during the vigil. The moments when people came together we're the best for me - Kate O'Shea 

The past week for me has been a very reflective time full of prayer, worship and fun. I have learnt a lot about my faith and grown spiritually with Christ. Hopefully I will be able to use the experiences I have had in Krakow to help encourage other youth in Sydney to be proud of their faith and share that with others - Talo Niko

Wyd week has been amazing experience and sharing it with around 3 million others who believe in the same thing as me was incredible - Isra Coppola 

World Youth Day week was absolutely incredible! Celebrating my faith through Catechesis, Mass, concerts and events with millions of other youth was an enriching experience - Alyssa Marco 

This past week has definitely strengthened my faith and I now know that when I go home my life will never be fully the same - Alex Debono


Monday, 1 August 2016

WYD week

What an amazing week it has been! The Clancy pilgrims truly had a wonderful WYD experience in Krak贸w. Here's what many of the pilgrims had to say about their experiences:

My faith over the past week has developed greatly with my new friends, especially when we celebrated mass with Pope Francis and with people all over the world. This experience has shown me that people are united through faith, which has allowed me to develop my faith further. -Madeline Mowlam

This week has been such a breath taking experience. Being with and meeting new people all around the world has really shown me that God can do great things. -Sarah Tate

This week has been an eventful week. We traveled around Krak贸w and got to see the beautiful church's. We got to meet so many new people from all around the world. The amount of Aussi pride that has been shown this week has been amazing. Bus 11 making up chants and chanting Australian chants has been an amazing experience. Even though some things didn't go to plan, we pushed though and made it a once and a life time experience. My faith has been developed this week as seeing millions of people from all around the world that speak different languages come together and pray for the one God; that just shows how mix love God has. -Teigan Dunn

A couple things that I enjoyed about my World Youth Day week in Krak贸w is that as a bus our friendships became stronger and better. We got to see things that we had never seen before and are lucky enough that we could have this chance to see the things that we did see with the best bus.One way that I developed my faith during this week is appreciating that we could all come together in one place and celebrate mass with Pope Francis. 馃檶馃徑馃憤馃徑 -Hayley Arpires

Not everything went to plan and turned out the way we wanted this week, but we still had a lot of fun, walking and talking with friends, and all the chanting and singing really made everything really fun, and turned the negative moments into positive ones, walking to the sleep out to see the pope was so much fun and was defiantly worth it, listening to the pope speak was an amazing experience, and even though at the mass people were feeling sick and were dropping like flies, our group was there for each other and were helping each other out, that shows how close we all got on this trip, and shows how we all show a little of gods mercy. -Kyle Abela

This week had it up and down due to the weather, planing and etc. but the highlight of this week for me is the people you get to meet and hope you see more into your faith and show you how luckily we are to have gone to world youth day and experience the amazing week with great teachers and other students.  -Lilliarna Bet

The past week for me has been phenomenal, it has really changed me as person. I've become friends with people I wouldn't expect to, I've met people from all over the world and heard their stories, and had my faith grow significantly. After having mass with Pope Francis and looking around Krak贸w, I think my faith in my religion has grown significantly. Usually I would sit during mass and wait until it's over, but going to so many unique churches, it has changed me for the better. Having discussions with my people in my bus group, the constant chanting and conversing with people of other nations has really opened my eyes to the world and has guaranteed me friendships that will last. -Jarvis Parker

Moving, thats easily the best word to describe the last few days. Pushing through 15+km a day to reach our goals the group came together to experience the week together. Sitting listening to the Pope on multiple occasions allowed me to further develop my faith and translate the scriptures and teachings into my daily encounters. Im very grateful for the opportunities that i was able to experience over the past 2 weeks. -Thomas Fabian

To think that I was half hearted about coming on this trip, yet, this past week has easily been the best week of my life. Emotionally I learnt so many things about myself that I didn't know I could do. Physically I was pushed to my limits, especially in the sleepout and spiritually, my connection with God was strengthened, especially during the vigil when I was looking around, with everyone with their candles lit and experienced a 'God Moment', when realising that everyone is here for one purpose and for one faith! - Olimpia Stambe.

Pilgrims at the JPII Centre and the Shrine of Divine Mercy
First class relic of JPII -from his 1981 assassination attempt
Final mass vigil

We are now in Zakopane, where JPII came for retreats

Monday, 25 July 2016

Cze艣膰 (hello) Poland!

We arrived in Warsaw early Sunday morning and after having a much-needed rest we started our journey to Krak贸w, the host city. On the way we celebrated a beautiful mass at Jasna Gora, Cz臋stochowa with the Shrine of the Black Madonna and then continued to Krak贸w. Today (Monday) we spent a day exploring the sites if the historic centre of Krak贸w and are now ready for the WYD festivities to start.

Jasna Gora
Kosciol Mariachi (St Mary's) a beatiful 13th Century Gothic Church

Farewell Roma!!


Friday, 22 July 2016

Some reflections from Bus 10 pilgrims

This experience is truly eye opening. This pilgrimage gives a whole new perceptive of the world we live in. - Kyle Nelson

This experience has helped change my perspective on the little things, it has helped shape my idea of culture and history and most of all has helped my perspective on the Catholic Church, less than a week in and I already want to never leave. Having the time of my life! - Alex Lecca

In the last week we have walked through four holy doors only open until October this year to repent any sins built up over the 25 year period of which the doors are shut which i found interesting. The pope decided to open the doors especially for the jubilee year so we were very lucky to experience it.
Rosemarie Saliba